Economic Prosperity

Creating jobs and Restoring Economic Prosperity

When I talk to people about why they love living in Northwest and West Central Ohio, it’s because they value having deep roots in the area, knowing their neighbors, raising their children in a safe community and living close to the land.

But I know that many families struggle to make ends meet. Many of our main streets struggle to attract and retain business. I know that many of our parents work overtime on two or three jobs just to put meals on the table. Our region has a strong history of manufacturing, and our workforce is second to none. We can work together to build on this proud tradition and bring more clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and tech jobs to our region and let’s make sure those jobs come with a living wage. We must provide high-quality public education and job training programs to bring a thriving economy to Ohio.

Let’s also make sure we have fair trade deals that put all countries on the same playing field. We can make high-quality, public education a top priority, so that our children have the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive world. Let’s ensure that adults who are already well into their careers have opportunities to train in new fields and with new technologies.

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