Michael is Working Hard for You!


Our campaign has been working hard! We continue to travel throughout the 5th district, meeting with citizens who are willing to share their thoughts about issues that are important to them. We are listening!

Over and over, our campaign has heard the calls for a Representative of the people, who will be accessible to the people. Bob Latta has not held a town hall. His phone lines are busy and his voicemail is full. He issues form letters in response to emails from constituents, essentially telling constituents why they should support his view. Bob does not listen. It is time to unseat Bob Latta, and Michael Galbraith is the Democrat to do it!

This past week alone, Michael has been to Paulding, Bowling Green, Waterville, Defiance, Maumee, and Perrysburg. There is no time to rest. There is no room for laziness. Michael is committed to bringing change to the 5th district. He has the drive and determination to do it.

The conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal is now reporting that a majority of Americans want to see a Congress led by Democrats next year. The #bluewave that was present last month across the country continued last week as the deep crimson state of Alabama went blue for Doug Jones. The blue wave can and will happen right here in Ohio’s 5th district. Michael has spent his life working outside of Washington and he is deeply connected with the community of the 5th district. He understands the needs of the district and will work for you. He will defend and advocate for every man, woman and child in Northwestern and West Central Ohio.

Bob Latta supports the Tax scam. Latta thinks nothing of cutting your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to give tax cuts to the ultra-rich. Bob Latta is happy to give away your internet freedom, selling us out for $450K in donations from the telecom industry.

Latta must be stopped. We must return to a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Let’s do this! The time to unseat Bob Latta is NOW!

Thank you,

Team Galbraith for Congress