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Michael Galbraith is running in his first political race. His interest in politics began with Clean Water issues. Water issues led him to Health Care, and the rising costs of the ACA under the current administration. Water issues also took Michael to farm issues, factory farms and the environment. Plus, farmers that are hurting financially because of the new tariffs reducing agricultural income.

Income issues include families that are stressed with high taxes and high medical expenses. Workers need better wages and better benefits which leads to a stronger economy.

Finance is Michael’s area of expertise.


Michael Galbraith is a small business owner. In addition to his financial planning business, he teaches finance at Bowling Green State University. Galbraith lived in London for over 20 years working in international finance. Several years ago, Galbraith moved back to this area where he grew up, Maumee, Ohio.

Our Constitution starts out with “We the people…” it does not say “we the money”. We need to get the corporate money out of government. Our democracy runs best when the people are engaged. That means your voice needs to be heard. Galbraith believes a US Representative should have regular meetings with the people of the district to be their voice in Washington, DC. People must attend meetings, use social media, speak out to make a difference. But first, people must vote! Your vote matters.

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Michael Galbraith

I grew up in a lively household in Maumee, Ohio. Despite all of us scurrying around in different directions, my mother managed to squeeze in a job as a real estate agent. My father owned and ran a construction business in addition to serving as a State Representative in the Ohio Legislature.

During the summers, I set up a small enterprise mowing neighbors’ lawns and working with my grandfather on his strawberry farm. After graduating high school in Maumee, I went to Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Soon after graduation my work took me to Europe, where I met my wife, Ditte. 

Since returning in 2003, I earned my Master of Business Administration Degree from Bowling Green State University, started my own small investment management business, and taught finance and management at BGSU. I am a member of the Rotary Club of Toledo and serve on its Water Services Committee.


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