Natural Resources

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Northwest Ohio has some of the best farmland in the country, abundant water resources, and clean air. Our quality of life—and the economy—depend on conserving and protecting these resources, now and for future generations.

Winding through the heart of our district, the Maumee River is part of the largest watershed that flows into the Great Lakes. Thousands of area residents get their drinking water from the Maumee and use the river for fishing and boating. Yet, it is no secret that the Maumee and all our water bodies are threatened by pollution, agricultural run-off, and pipelines. We need to work together to solve water quality problems at the source, rather than spending millions of dollars only treating it at the water treatment plants. Farmers–who are often the best stewards of our land–need the tools and resources to capture run-off before it leaves their fields. We also need to make sure that new infrastructure projects, including pipelines, are adequately studied so that they won’t further threaten our water.