Health Care

Quality, affordable health care should be a right, not a privilege.

With the passage of Trumpcare in the House of Representatives, millionaire politicians voted to reinstate pre-existing conditions and require people who are sick to pay more for health insurance. They voted to phase out the Medicaid expansion, which will not only leave millions of working Americans without affordable health care but also threatens to bankrupt the rural hospitals that rely on this funding source. They repealed key protections that keep health-care costs down and require insurers to offer plans that provide vital services, such as emergency visits, prescription drugs, maternity and newborn care, and preventive care, such as flu shots and cancer screenings.

There is no doubt that Trumpcare will take America backwards. However, there are real problems that the Affordable Care Act didn’t address that continue to plague our health care system. We need to insure more healthy people and create incentives for insurers to enter the marketplace to bring premiums down. We need to crack down on soaring prescription costs and explore ways to reign in medical malpractice suits.

We won’t be able to solve these problems as long as politicians continue to put partisanship over people’s health. Washington has been gridlocked on health care for too long, and it’s time to have an independent voice seeking real solutions.