About Mike

Michael Galbraith

Congressional Candidate for Ohio's 5th District

John Michael (“Mike”) Galbraith grew up in Maumee, Ohio, where his father owned and ran a small construction business and his mother raised four children and later worked in real estate. The Galbraiths have strong ties to this region: one of Mike’s earliest memories is of going up to his grandfather's strawberry farm in Michigan and picking strawberries in the summer. Mike’s father, John Galbraith, served Northwest Ohio for nearly twenty years in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Mike majored in economics at Bucknell University, and soon after graduation his work took him to Europe, where he met his wife, Ditte. While coming from very different places, Mike and Ditte quickly found they had a common set of values centered on the importance of family and community.

Strong ties to the Midwest and a desire to give back to the place where he grew up led Mike and Ditte to return to Northwest Ohio in 2003. Since returning to Ohio, Mike has started his own small investment management business, earned a Master of Business Administration from Bowling Green State University, and taught finance and management at BGSU as an adjunct instructor. Mike is also a member of the Rotary Club of Toledo, where he has become immersed in water quality issues in Northwest Ohio, meeting with farmers and water users and seeking common-sense solutions to protect our water resources.

Mike’s work has always been grounded in the strong sense of integrity, fairness, and respect for others, values that he will take him to Washington.